27 August 2012

-:- good dog, bad dog

This morning I took my little sister to the airport for her flight back home,
sadly ending her lovely visit to our neck of the woods.
It was so good to have her here and we did a lot of fun things together,
which I will tell you all about later.

But first, I think it's high time that I give you a Lou update
since it's been what, 5 minutes since my last one?

Lou is a smart cookie, a very snuggly sleeper, surprisingly athletic,
and he has a strong willed, stubborn, and independent mind.

He also has serious amounts of loose skin - like, handfuls of it.

Lou does very well with all of his training -
until we go to puppy training class where he hears us brag about how well he's doing and how he has been doing everything without treat incentive.
And then, of course, he won't do anything even with treat incentive.

So then we get mad at him until we catch a glimpse of those butt cowlicks - one on each cheek.
When his tail is down, his backside looks like a face. I'll take a picture of it sometime to show you - and that's a promise.

You just can't stay mad at a disobedient puppy with a literal buttface.

picture taken by Aunt Clair

Lou also loves to pretend dig/bury things around the house,
which has led to the discovery of kibble in blankets and shoes, along the walls, and under furniture.
Lou snacks on his (actually not) buried kibble as he encounters it throughout the day and every time he picks up a piece, I freak out and pry his mouth open to see what kind of sharp or poisonous object he's consuming. But it's always just kibble.

Most of all, though, Lou is a good dog at his core. He's a good little companion and for as mischievous as he is, we know he is a phenomenal 4 month old puppy.

Who shares my love of (expensive) yarn.

Did I just call him a good dog? Because what I meant is that he is bad. Really, really bad.



  1. Definitely a GOOD dog! Already missing Louie, the kitties, and your companies!!

  2. Beautiful photos, and great laughs! Can't remember all I said last time and it's getting late...


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