04 August 2012

-:- our living room

Since we first saw our house, I have been looking forward to getting settled in our living room.

I could immediately imagine us living there - in the mornings drinking our coffee, in the fall with something in the oven baking and a knitting project in hand, in December with our Christmas tree and a fire in our (soon-to-be) pellet stove.

It's a bright, cheerful space and I think we are slowly but surely making it homey too.

We still have a bunch of things to accomplish in this room. We'd like to:

-:- install a programmable thermostat
-:- hang some pictures from our picture rail
-:- install a pellet stove
-:- hang some curtains
-:- refinish an old dresser to use as storage and an entry way catchall
-:- install a light fixture

But even with all of those things to do, this room seems just about perfect the way it is.

More to come as it progresses!


  1. Love what you've done to this room, and love you both, and love the grandcats! Beautiful house!

  2. Joe was amazed by how quickly this came together and says it looks great. I agree! I'm in love with your new place already.

  3. Love what you have done to the place. I subscribed to your website so i'll know when you update your blog... Congrats again on your place.

  4. Oh...those windows. What I wouldn't GIVE for windows like that.


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