12 August 2012

-:- weekending

This weekend we ignored any housekeeping that needed to be done
and prioritized a few other things instead.

Like being with our dog.
And a special furniture refinishing project.
(More about both of those things later this week.)

And making good food.

On Saturday, I made a vegan fettucini alfredo with shitake mushrooms, capers, and baked tofu.
It was pretty amazing.

Then I made up for all that healthy eating with a blueberry cream pie.
Which actually wasn't horribly unhealthy for us - it was, after all, made mostly of blueberries.

So despite Mr.'s sawdust-covered legs,
my paint-covered hands,
our messy house,
and Louie's boundless energy,
we ate very well this weekend.

I think we had our priorities straight all along.


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  1. I noticed you pinned those recipes last week. They both look so good!


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