24 September 2012

-:- the graduate

Louie has officially graduated from Puppy Training Level I.
We are so proud!

He knows sit, down, wait, leave it, come, default sit (when walking on a leash) and a recall technique called touch - and now we're working on a few tricks like roll over, crawl, and catch (treats).

We also really want to get him working on some agility training.
We were the only ones at our last training class, so our instructor got us started on that a bit.
Lou is a natural agility dog and so smart - he took to it really well and we think it'll be a good way to channel some of that energy.

Lou's relationship with Wilbur is pretty much the same (Lou has taken some pretty hard hits without so much as a yelp) and his relationship with Claude is actually progressing pretty well...

Claude has started to show up downstairs during the day and the two of them have been sleeping next to each other at night - Lou is under the covers, Claude on top of them.

Every time Lou moves, Claude hisses, but for the most part, they sleep peacefully together all night long. Definite progress. And it makes me happy.

That snuggler. We love him to bits.



  1. I'm so proud of my Louie Louie Boo Boo!!! I would give him tons of kisses and snuggles if I were there. Is he filling out a bit?

    I'm also amazed by Claude's progress...what a brave boy.

    1. Aw! I gave him some love for you. He is definitely filling out - he's up to about 2 cups of food a day!

      I'm amazed by Claude too - it was all of a sudden - maybe when it finally got cold at night? It's been every night for awhile now!

  2. Oh my gosh they are both so freaking cute. My dog and cat used to sleep together during the day (and night too). I had a golden retriever and my kitty would just curl up next to her belly. It was so heartwarming.

    1. Thank you! Aw, your pets sound so sweet! I hope my boys get to that point eventually too (where they can snuggle without any blanket barriers)! I think when Lou gets older everyone will mellow out.

  3. Congratulations! Smart AND cute...must be hereditary!


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