03 December 2012

-:- weekend scenes - an adapted poem

Early on Saturday, while drinking our coffee, I turned to Mr. and said very softly, 
I'm just not into this whole Christmas season - it doesn't feel right - I don't know the reason.
It could be that temperatures were mild and light - it could be, perhaps, that my shoes were too tight. 

But whatever the reason, lack of snow or my shoes, we set out to fix it - just like the Whos.

Later that day, in lieu of crying or shouting, we decided instead to embark on an outing.
Our minds were made up, we were on such a mission,
and we returned with a tree, our home's newest addition.

I grabbed the short tree and started to decorate, when I heard a strange noise, one a dog would create.
I turned around fast and I saw a small Lou!
Little Louie Lou Who, who is much less than two.

I had indeed been caught by this small little pup, trimming our tree from the bottom on up.
But, you know me, I'm so smart and so slick,
that I thought of a way to include Lou - and quick!

I grabbed a red ribbon and before he could blink,
I had wrapped it and tied it and gave him a wink.

I know he looks sad, but that's just a facade,
he was really quite glad to be part of our Natividad. 

And what happened then? Well, what Mr. would say
is that my small little heart grew three sizes that day!
And the minute my heart didn't feel quite so tight was the minute I knew everything was just right.

Welcome, December. I am officially in the mood for you.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Happy December to you too!

  2. Cute! It is hard to be in the spirit with no snow and warm temps. We decorated outside on SA in shirtsleeves and hubby wore shorts. Crazy!

    1. It IS crazy! I hope it snows soon! :)

  3. So clever! Decorating puts me in an instant holiday mood!!!

  4. LOVE! Your Thanksgiving meal looked wonderful, and the dancing elves was cute....you'll have to demonstrate your skills in that regard next time I see you!!!

    1. haha - only if you're lucky!! :) xox

  5. We are experiencing crazy warm temps too. Bah humbug to that. But THIS...this is soooo sweet. Happy holidays, friend. xo

    1. :) Thank you! And what on earth is with these temps - if things don't change around here soon, I'm going to request moving the holidays back a month! Happy holidays to you as well! :) xox


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