05 December 2012

-:- yarn along - latte hoodie and divergent

Well, I have officially finished my secret project, but can't reveal it you yet - it's on its way now to its recipient and I'll write about it more when it has arrived safe and sound in her hands - very soon!

Now I've started working on a couple of Christmas presents for my little nephew, which I can tell you about here since I don't think he'll be getting on a computer for at least another...couple of years?

Anyway, I am working on this pattern, the hoodie version, with a neat woven basket stitch around the front border. It's a really quick knit - I might be able to finish it by next week - although I probably shouldn't say that until I've experienced the woven basket stitch...

I had a hard time getting gauge (which I've decided I should start caring about, because good knitters generally do) and switched to a larger needle size to get it. It feels a little bigger than the babe who will wear it, but it's meant to fit over other clothes and I'd rather have it be too big than too small - he can always grow into it in the coming cold months!

I'm still reading Divergent and I still really like it. There's a bit of a love story going on that is way more fun and interesting than the Hunger Games love story. I'm also at the point in the book where there are a lot of important questions that need to be answered and I don't want to stop reading it.

And though I love it, sometimes it's hard for me to read it before bed - which I know is a shameful thing for a grown woman to say about a young adult book. I think it's because I'm one of those people who has a little too much empathy for the characters in books and feels what I would feel in the same situations - that, paired with having phobias around most of what's going on, make reading it a pretty harrowing reading experience sometimes!


(Joining Ginny at Small Things for her weekly Yarn Along.)


  1. Such a cozy sweater pattern! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh...I love that hooded sweater. It's a beautiful piece. Can't wait to see it done. Oh...and don't get me started on gauge. I opted OUT of checking my gauge for years only to discover EVERYTHING I knit ended up far too big (I'm clearly a loose knitter...although it never feels like it). Now that I check gauge things work out much better. So yeah, I recommend it. Especially because yarns aren't always exactly what they say they are and you want to be sure that when you put that much work into something...it fits. :)

  3. That sweater/coat is too cute!

  4. That yarn looks so cozy. I'm terrible about gauge and really should focus on getting that right. At least for larger projects anyway. :)

  5. That pattern is so cute and I love the yarn as well. Your nephew will love that sweater! I don't like super scary or graphic stories ever. I am a pg to pg13 girl inside and out!

  6. I looooove young adult books. I used to be ashamed--why didn't I like normal, adult literature as much?--but I've finally accepted that this is just my taste and I don't really fight it anymore. I haven't heard of divergent, but I will check it out!

  7. I sm terrinle about guage as well. I should probably care but have never worried about it. Perhaps because I've never made anything that I needed to worry about?

  8. Love the pattern, just added it to my favourites. And the colour is gorgeous.

  9. You guys are the best - thank you for all of your comments! I have been messing around with the html on my blog and can't get my threaded comments to work anymore - I am working on fixing it now so I can keep responding to your comments individually! But in the meantime, I am still reading them and still loving them. :)


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