12 May 2013

-:- busy weekending

This weekend was the first super busy weekend we've had in a long time - but it was busy in the most wonderful, relaxing way. Saturday involved yoga, the Shepherd's Harvest Festival, and vegan Chinese food for dinner. So good.

We cleaned up a bit when we got home from our full Saturday and then Mr. successfully brewed his first batch of beer while I finished those socks and got them blocking. By the end of the night, our house smelled like fresh beer and wet wool - what's better than that?

Today was dedicated to our poor backyard. We pruned and sawed and pulled huge roots from the ground. We raked and swept and planted clover seeds in one of the few places where sunlight is a certainty (it's a special mix for the bees). There's still so much left to do, but luckily, it's just the kind of work we love in these parts.

Very little of what we had planned for our yard today actually happened, but we made significant progress nonetheless. And we did manage to come home with several plants from an amazing local plant sale, which will have to wait to be planted in the ground just a bit longer...


P.S. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. The Shepherd's Harvest Festival looks like it was fun. I love festivals! I can't wait for all the autumn ones.

  2. busy in the garden....but not doing what you set out to do!!! (made me smile....that seems to be my forte in the garden!!!!---still feels like progress, though!!!)

    sounds like a perfect weekend

  3. I really love that first photo, what a shy little goat. Is that kettle corn? I'm so jealous. I haven't had fresh kettle corn in years. You worked hard in your yard but you will be so glad you did.

  4. Such a full but good weekend. I so wanted to get some work done in the yard, but colder temps and snow! prevented that.

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  6. Felt like I was there with you as you describe your weekend...all activities sound simply lovely!

  7. Yard work is very hard work so I'm sure you made a big difference. I love the thought of freshly brewed beer and woolly smells together-add some coffee and a freshly printed book and I think you might get the perfect candle scent ;)


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