24 November 2013

-:- winter temperatures

Well, winter temperatures have definitely arrived here in Minnesota.

This morning, as we approached our car, I noticed our front seats were covered in chunks of ice. It made me so confused - all of our windows were up, so no moisture had come from outside - did someone break into our car and sprinkle bits of ice around? I thought Minnesotans were too nice for practical jokes.

I opened the doors and upon further examination, there was ice everywhere. It was covering the ceiling, stuck to the roof liner. It was on the dashboard, filling cup holders, all over the floor and covering every seat in the car. And then we noticed the source of this ice:

A single can of sparkling water had exploded during the night when the temperatures dropped.

It became the funniest thing in the world to us - we could hardly believe it. Lesson learned - and we feel a bit more like actual Minnesotans for having learned it. No cans of anything will be left in the car overnight after October. Thank goodness we're not soda people or we would have had a sticky, hard-to-clean mess on our hands.


P.S. Thank you all so much for your congratulations and well-wishes about our little one! We are so excited and I loved sharing the news with you guys. More to come on that topic, I'm sure.


  1. Ha. Ha. That happened to my cousin. Only it was coke and it got in to her automatic transition shifter thingy and at night would freeze and then in the morning she couldn't put her car in drive. Took weeks for itbto dry out.

  2. We quit leaving soda in the garage because of that! I had a huge mess one year....Glad you are well and look forward to hearing more about your bundle to be :)

  3. Uh oh...reading this made me realize that I have not one but two containers of liquid in my car, which is sitting outside in freezing temps! Glad you could laugh at the moment, and that it was just seltzer and not something that would stain.


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