25 June 2014

-:- tsp vs. tbsp

Life around here is starting to normalize a bit - and lately I've focused on developing some to-do lists that include one or two deliciously optional tasks. Like take a bath (any length of time is acceptable). Read one chapter of Harry Potter to DR while she nurses. Knit one row. Call a girlfriend. Take a walk.

Today's to-do list included baking a chocolate cake. DR sat in the kitchen with me while I gave her an introduction to fractions and explained the differences between tsp and tbsp, baking soda and baking powder, and dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups.

I also told her about how I learned the difference between the tsp/tbsp abbreviations the hard way when I was nine and tried to bake some pirate biscuits from a book I had gotten from the library. It called for several tsps of salt and I used tbsps, giving me a not-so-edible result. It was pretty upsetting too, because then I didn't have anything authentic to eat while I pillaged and plundered in the backyard.

Anyway, thankfully my baking has improved over the years and this cake was definitely edible - delicious, even - and making it was a perfect exercise for us today.
Recipe here.



  1. hello sweetie who has a cute smile :) I learned the same lesson at 13 yo. 1 tbp of salt (typo error in the recipe) for shortcake makes yucky cakes :(

  2. Reading a chapter of Harry Potter to her is a great idea!! I am reading that right now with my fiancee for the very first time (she's read it several times) and I'm captivated by it!

  3. Omg...delectible....and the cake too!!! What a swettie pie, she is getting so big and her personality is just shining through! Chomp some of that cake down for me, and wash it down with a big gulp of tea.

  4. yummy yummy cake and thanks for sharing the recipe -) and I am sure DR fell in love with Harry Potter ;-) lol...

  5. That's funny. I did the same thing 3 years ago with C...explained to her how to cook that is! She sat in her vibrating bouncy seat and I baked and cooked while she slept.

  6. Clair just introduced me to your blog. Love those photos of DR smiling! Can't wait to meet you all in September.


  7. Yum, I love chocolate cake! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm sure baby enjoyed cooking with you. She is so cute!


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