06 August 2012

-:- guest bathroom

You are probably going to get tired of hearing me say how much I love our house.
But I do. And I really love our downstairs bathroom.

It didn't need very much work at all.
Just a good scrub and a few simplified accessories.


Here is our to-do list for this room:

-:- Tile the rest of the wall in the bathtub/shower area
(tile only goes half way up right now)
-:- Completely waterproof the window in that same area
-:- Give the walls another coat of white paint
-:- Fix the doorknob, which is gorgeous, but not working very well at the moment

Not a whole lot! And none of these items are very high on our overall to do list, except maybe the doorknob thing. We might be more worried about the rest if we were using the shower every day.


P.S. Puppy update: Our home visit has been scheduled for Wednesday, so it looks like we might not have our little guy until Friday or Saturday. That's a lot later than we hoped to have him, but we're just going to have to hang in there!

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  1. I'm so used to living in crappy apartments, it's amazing to see a house in great shape. And I will definitely want to hear about how to waterproof a window!


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