07 August 2012

-:- the calm before the storm

And the storm's name is officially Louis, by the way.
You can call him Lou for short.
And it looks like we'll have him Thursday!

We went through so many names - and we had several favorites that we both really loved.
So we actually decided to wait to name him until we had spent some time with him.

But then Lou just kind of stuck.
Instead of calling him "the puppy," we were calling him by name.

"Do you think Louis would like these treats?"
"I can't wait for Louis to get here."
"It would be about time to give Lou his walk right now..."

And then we knew we had found the right one.

Can. Not. Wait.


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  1. I've been looking for updates and just now realized the browser was stuck! Little LouLou is sooooooooo darling! And what a lucky little pooch to have found you two : ). We love your house too, nice pick!


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