10 August 2012

-:- meet louie

Lou has officially arrived.

Last night, Casy and I got very little sleep.
Half of it was worrying that Lou was going to poop on our bed.
The other half was that Lou wanted to play.
And explore everything.
With us.

By about 4AM, we were not being calm and assertive pack leaders.

So how ironic is it that the pictures I have of Lou are from today's
(many and lengthy)
puppy naps?


By the way, the hardest part about last night for me was seeing the cats' reaction to Lou.
I felt like the worst mom.

But then, right before dinner this evening, Wilbur was doing this:

While on the other side of the room, Lou was doing this:


We love our Louie. And pretty soon, the cats will too.



  1. Your new addition is so sweet. Can't wait to meet him.

  2. HEISSOHANDSOME. I love him so much.

    It is always good for Wilbur to get a taste of his own medicine. And we know how resilient Claude is. ;-) Claude is so utterly devoted to you, it will never matter to him how things change as long as he can bury his head in your elbow.


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