21 September 2012

-:- comfort food

For most of the week, I have been without my husband. He went on a work-related camping trip way up north and while he was away, I was nothing less than insane.

Every noise after 8PM sounded like someone trying to break in.
I shook poor Louie awake each time to see whether he was concerned about any of them.

He wasn't.

I needed to do laundry, but our washer is in the basement and...
well, that's just out of the question.

What else was there to do but eat comfort food all week?

I started by making some Thai red curry from here.

Then I made a batch of Mexican stuffed shells inspired by this. I didn't plan so well for the vegan version and ended up making my own (just vegetarian) version with beans, corn, cream cheese, taco sauce, and homemade taco seasoning. Fresh tomatoes would have also been really good.

I somehow managed not to eat the entire baking dish in one night.

Then, since I didn't have anything better to do while the shells were baking, I made these.

If you're considering making them, please do. Don't let the garbanzos scare you.
They are delicious.

I also ate my own body weight in chocolate pudding.

It's a good thing Mr. comes home today. I have missed him terribly.
We're going to take it easy tonight with a Burrito Dinner and some Seinfeld.

Reunions and reruns. There's nothing better.



  1. So glad you survived him being gone. The idea of you not going down into the basement makes me laugh - it's not as if you have a ghost or anything!!! Hope he had a positive experience. Mr., not the ghost.

    1. hehe - you never know! :) Yah, it sounded like it was a really good trip for everyone - I'm glad he went and I'm glad he's home. :)

  2. Sleepy baby Louie. I love him.

    I am not that bad when Joe is gone, but I do sleep with a rod, my mace, and my cell phone within reach.

    1. Mace! Good idea.

      I love Lou too. He was all, "Mom, you're crazy."

  3. You two be careful sleeping with mace....... You know the emperors of Siam had guard cats at the top of each door, maybe Wilbur, Maus, and Claude need to go along with Lou next time!

    1. Wilbur would be so good at that - I don't think Claude is brave enough to guard against anything but spiders!


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