20 September 2012

-:- butcher, baker, tablecloth maker

We are a tablecloth kind of a family – especially since our current table is much more suited to being covered up than displayed. Ahem.

And we have a lot of them - the catch is that most of them are stained, faded, torn, or have beeswax on them. Good for rags, but not really good for a clean-looking table. So to avoid using Christmas tablecloths year-round, I went looking for some replacements.

But for as much as I looked, I found nothing cute for a price I liked. I was having a really hard time paying a lot of money for what was essentially a glorified piece of fabric!

 So when I saw my favorite words on a fabric store in town (blowout sale), I pulled over to take a look. I found some neat prints. And when I got them home, I made some tablecloths
(including the yellow one there).

It's as easy as it seems - working with one edge at a time, fold the fabric down about 1/4" and iron it as you go so your crease holds. 

Then do the same thing once more so you have a nice, clean seam.
Work your way around all four edges of your fabric this way - and then just sew everything down!


So long, red and green Christmas tablecloths!
Until...well, Christmas.



  1. This will be the perfect first project when I learn to sew!

    1. Definitely! It's all just fabric prep and straight lines!


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