18 September 2012

-:- our cozy little kitchen

Our house tour is moving right along to our kitchen. 
And oh, how we would have loved a bigger kitchen.

With that said, ours is truly cozy – and we have big plans to open it up, even if it’s all just an illusion. And any improvements we make (i.e. new countertops) won't be too expensive because the space is so small – so there’s a perk!

This kitchen also came with some great, new appliances that we just love. We’re so happy that we have a gas stovetop and a microwave that’s not taking up counter space. Don’t even get me started on how awesome it is to have a dishwasher. I’m still swooning.

And while it’s tiny, it’s also certainly functional and we’ve been putting a lot of great meals on the table despite its size. What more can you ask for from a kitchen?

Our inevitable list of to-dos:

-:- Install a new sink (and mend any plumbing issues along the way)
-:- Install ligher or more natural counters - butcher block?
-:- Add a fun, tiled backsplash to the wall behind the sink
-:- Get some frosted glass adhesive for that window - don't want to be too friendly with our neighbors!
-:- Get a rug for in front of the sink
-:- Paint the insides of the cabinets and line them with something fun
-:- Install pot racks/storage space on the walls (Mr. has some good ideas for this)
-:- Hang our kitchen witch
-:- Hang that plastic bag holder you see sitting on the ground



  1. Great posts...lovely pictures...grand goals! Love yous.

  2. I love your little kitchen! I'm starting to find the positives in all of the charming/small parts of our old house, too.

    So I saw your comment awhile ago, and then took an accidental blog hiatus, and I can't remember if I ever came over here and commented! I'm so glad you found me! How did you end up in the area? Do you like it? You look like you're getting out and experiencing it way more than I am!

    1. Thank you! I love that you called the small parts of your home charming - I am going to try that! :)

  3. The kitchen is cute & cozy. And you're right, countertops won't be too expensive because of the size of the room. Maybe you should check out Ikea for butcher block. I hear theirs are good quality, come in varying lengths, and can be sealed with a product like Waterlox for durability. Last thing, check out clear Contact paper for frosting your windows. I've done it in my house on a few windows, and it makes a world of difference at a fraction of the cost of those specialty films that do the exact same thing. Maybe I'll post a tutorial for you on my blog! ;)

    1. Yah! Ikea butcher block! And I'm totally going to do that contact paper thing - but I'm going to wait for your blog tutorial on it. So...that's incentive, right? Get on it, K! I need privacy in my home!


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