01 October 2012

-:- expressions of love

I live in a house with three animals who all love yarn as much as I do - 
in three very different ways.

Sometimes I come home to a ball (or two) of yarn unrolled all over the house. I can follow the yarn trail around furniture legs, into different rooms, upstairs, and downstairs.

This is the way Claude expresses his love.

Sometimes, when Louie has been very quiet, I figure he's up to something bad and when I check on him, he is gnawing on an expensive skein of yarn. Or my current project.

This is the way Louie expresses his love.

And Wilbur, the crabbiest, most volatile cat ever,
expresses his love like this:

Even though Wilbur was hogging my yarn, I still managed to finish my slippers this weekend.
They are toasty.



  1. Maybe you need to make him some kitty mitties...LOL!

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSOrbV7ILrc

    2. Haha! You both crack me up!


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