16 October 2012

-:- special gifts

When Gma S and Gpa R came to visit earlier this month,
they brought a few wonderful gifts with them.

Like these ornaments, made in their (and Mr.'s) hometown by a local artist.
Each one is unique and highlights of a piece of history or architecture in town.
What a neat tradition, right?

They also brought a beautiful set of china
which we're displaying in our mid-century china cabinet -
our most recent furniture purchase.

We can't wait to use these dishes for our first Thanksgiving meal in our new home - 
and we are so grateful. Both collections are so special.



  1. I love the labyrinth ornament!!

    And the china is so, so beautiful. How lucky you's are to have such wonderful grandies. =)

  2. Very special and very generous gifts...what lovliness : )

    1. That's what we thought too! :) xo

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  4. Hoping that a little bit of our home town is always with you. Love the china and so glad that you have somewhere to display it.


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