09 October 2012

-:- special visitors

One of the nicest things about finally owning a home is that we can host special visitors whenever we want. This weekend, our special visitors were Grandma S. and Grandpa R. (and Uncle M. for a few dinners!) - and we had so much fun hosting them all!

We ate. We played. We indulged in fried cheese curds.

It was so so good.
Except this one, who was bad:

And since then, I have been preparing for a trip back East - it's officially a business trip that has been extended into a visit with family and friends as well. I am so excited to see everybody and hope that my manic airborne knitting will result in a finished shawl by the time I'm back home.

This also means that I'll be away from this space for a little while, but be sure to check back in next week. I have lots more to share - especially some delinquent pinterest weekly posts!



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