04 October 2012

-:- from our kitchen lately

Last weekend, the very talented John Fullbright found himself in our neck of the woods. We lunched in the city and invited him back to ours for dinner and unlimited access to the guest bed and bath.

We demanded some kind of repayment – money or chores – but all he could do for us was play his freshly strung guitar and sing in our living room, darn him.

Dinner was…well, it was like biscuits and gravy, but with a pot pie type sauce. Or a chicken and noodle type sauce, minus the chicken. From here.

I made a cake for dessert, from here – it's called a Swedish visiting cake. It’s a super dense, moist, lemony almond cake – it definitely improved with age and I had um, several pieces the next day.

This week, we had a hearty mushroom lasagna from here.

I know it looks like a big mess, but it was so good. I used baby bellas and shitakes, ground fresh nutmeg into it (it was my first time doing this and I love it! So fragrant and nutmeg is gorgeous!) and added white wine.

Actually, I added white wine to both the lasagna and the pot pie sauce.
Actually...I add white wine to everything I cook.

And then there was vegan grilled cheese.
You have to try this. This cheese substitute is so good and you cannot tell it's vegan.
I'm imagining all kinds of blind taste test scenarios. It's amazing.
Mr. said it tastes exactly like American cheese and said I should make a jar of it to keep in the fridge to use like Cheese Whiz.

He's right. I'm not sure I'll ever make another cheese substitute again.



  1. I just love your plates! My aunt had the exact same print. I remember them growing up. Are they pyrex? I actually have a vintage pyrex casserole dish with a lid I adore but rarely use. That lasagna looks amazing! I kind of need that in my life...and that grilled cheese has me very curious!? Hmm....

    1. I thought I had replied to you, but just realized it must not have gone through. Sorry about that! These are actually Corelle plates - we always look for them at the thrift store. Your casserole dish sounds awesome - right up my alley! :) Oh, please try that grilled cheese - you won't believe it until you taste it!

  2. The grilled cheese has me curious too. I had never heard of nooch though. I googled it and am wondering if we could buy it in Oklahoma - haha. Maybe just not Kay County. Want to try it sometime. With some smoky tomato soup. Looks Yummy.

    1. Haha - yah, the technical term is nutritional yeast - you'll be able to find it at Whole Foods for sure! :) Let me know how you like it! We were impressed - it was so unexpected.


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