21 October 2012

-:- weekend scenes

We had such plans for this weekend.
We were going to hike, go pumpkin picking, and do a bunch of yard work -
but those things will have to wait until next weekend before they get done.

Instead, we fell into a rhythm of cooking, reading, making, and cleaning -
I made curried butternut squash soup that we've been eating all weekend.
Mr. made biscuits for breakfast and we had the leftovers with our soup.
I finished Damson and started a quilt.

It was just what we needed - a couple of days focused on warmth and rest.

That's Damson, finished/unblocked and then as it's being blocked.
Lou just can't stay away, even when his Malabrigo is in shawl form.
He gets crazy eyes every time it's close.

Mr. adapted this recipe to make these cookies for us. He said he "...also added cinnamon chips, whole eggs instead of whites, chopped pecans and a little more flour...and didn't measure things very well because it was in thirds and nothing we have is in thirds (meaning measuring spoons). I also made the cookies way bigger and cooked them twice as long."

Mr. also requested that I tell you he was checking football scores and reading a manly science fiction novel while he was baking cookies. Though, I'm not sure manly is the first adjective I'd use to describe the science fiction novel he's reading. (zing!)

Man, I wish weekends were longer.



  1. Damson is so, SO beautiful! And I bet it smells like sheepies, which must be irresistible. I can't believe what a grown-up little dog Louie is becoming.

    1. Thanks! And I know - he's losing a little more puppiness each day...

  2. Beautiful damson and very manly cookies ; ). Love you both...hugs!

    1. Thank you! Yah, they are so manly we growl when we eat them. Love you too! *hug*


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