20 October 2012

-:- mission accomplished

We love living in this part of the world, truly.

But I'll be honest with you guys - Mr. and I were worried that we would never find a pie as good as our favorite place back East. Which came pretty darn close to the pizza we fell in love with (and over) in Sardinia.

I guess we have a lot of sentimentality wrapped up in good pizza pie.

We did find a really great place that serves vegan pizza and we love it, but it is different enough from a classic pie to be a good replacement.

We had begun our grieving process when Aunt K and Uncle M called to invite us out to dinner. We ate here and luckily, our faith was immediately restored. My only picture is from some leftover slices I ate for lunch the next day.

Great company with great pizza?
You can't get any better.



  1. OMG - Cannot wait to try the pizza place. Looks great. My list of things I want to do when I come back to St Paul is getting longer and longer.

    1. :) It's so good! You'll just have to come on up so we can take care of some of that list!!

  2. Yay! I want to know who Aunt K and Uncle M are.


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