15 November 2012

-:- cat pagoda

Our two boy cats have been through quite a lot this year. They were removed from their home, packed up in a cage, driven half way across the country, and had to spend their nights in hotel bathrooms the whole time. 

Then, once they arrived at their new house, they only had about a week and a half to get used to everything (um, stairs) before they were introduced to their new, rambunctious, hyperactive, canine brother. Nobody bothered to consult them about any of it.

Then all of this new furniture arrived and they weren't allowed to scratch any of it. And since their cat tree couldn't fit in our U-Haul, our boys have had nothing to (legally) sharpen their nails on for quite some time.

Until earlier in the week when this arrived:

That's right - a cat pagoda. It was really the least we could do. I put a little bit of catnip on it and let Wilbur go nuts.

For the record, the number of times Wilbur has almost fallen off of the cat pagoda is 35,284.
He has only actually fallen off once.

And for any of you who doubt Wilbur's ability change moods in the blink of an eye, I am providing evidence. We love him, but he's psychotic. That column must have insulted his mother or something. 

To be fair, he was also catnipping.

Everything eventually evened out. The effects of the catnip wore off and Wilbur made up with the column. He spends a lot of his time there now, which I love to see, and I worry a lot less about our couches. And table. And carpet.

Ultimately, I'm calling the whole cat pagoda thing a success. And I think Wilbur would agree.



  1. The things we do for our kitties! Wilbur looks like he's having a blast... Of course he's high as a kite on catnip !

  2. Ah yes...we built one for Simon 8 years ago and while it takes up half our house (it seems), he loves it...and it HAS saved our furniture, no doubt. Good Luck, Wilbur. You will come to love, love, love it. xo

  3. So glad - I was so sad that you had to leave your other one in New Jersey. Happy for Claude and Wilbur - they now have a new playground.


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