23 February 2013

-:- a star wars movie marathon

A couple of weekends ago, I managed to get all three of the original Star Wars movies from the library at once and Mr. and I sat down to watch them back-to-back - which means I can officially cross off #18 from my list of things to do.

And what's a movie marathon without a little themed food?

We had Princess Leia's cinnamon rolls, blue milk blueberry smoothies, Jabba the Hut hummus, Yoda guacamole, and Star Wars cupcakes - and we ate everything from Storm Trooper plates. So good.


This movie marathon was like a mini-vacation for us - we both had plenty that needed to get done that day, but once those movies started playing, that to-do list went out the window. Our house was a mess, our kitchen in particular was a disaster area, but it was so fun to completely relax for those few hours.

And, of course, the movies themselves were a blast to watch - I had seen bits and pieces of them before and have always had a love for Ewoks, but didn't even know the name of the first movie going into this whole thing. I'm still not sure I understand the Star Wars cult following, but I definitely enjoyed watching them. Are any of you huge Star Wars fans?



  1. son and daughter are HUGE star wars fans---and have passed the love on to their kids! (when the original movies came out----our son of course was collecting all the action figures....the day r2d2 went missing on a grocery run! the world almost ended i think.--fortunately the 'mom' network guided me to a store that still had some----45 minutes away. the things we do for our kids!)
    what a fun evening.

  2. Yuuuuuuum! and Fuuuuuuuuuun! Those cupcake holders look like they would match the paper straws I bought for you/C and C/J today! Sending them soon. Love you.

  3. Sounds like fun. Good for you guys for tossing the to do list and enjoying yourselves :)

  4. ohhhhhh mylanta. i cannot handle this. this looks eerily like something my boyfriend and i would do. if there was a tutorial on to make doctor who-shaped hummus, i'd like to know. :) and thank you soo so much for stopping by! your comment made my day, and i think the same thoughts about your pins! :) hope you had a lovely weekend!

  5. Awesome!!! I love the movies but have never watched all three back-to-back-to-back. Congrats on crossing something off of your list :)

  6. my family would have loved to have been there! love the hummus, very very creative! I know I'm dating myself but I saw the original star wars in the theater when it came out!!

  7. The hummus looks AMAZING! I love it!!!

    We watched one of the Star Wars over Christmas break, and I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Mostly it's a lot of pew! pew!

  8. An old boyfriend, his roommate and I did that many years ago. He brought a projector home from work, we plugged it into the TV and then flipped the couch around and watch all 3 movies on the white wall. We did nothing. It was awesome. My husband isn't a big Star Wars fan but will watch them with me. Just not all three in a row!


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