31 March 2013

-:- happy easter

Oh, I've missed this space! Mr. and I took a trip South to visit family and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things around here. I had some pretty massive library fines to take care of, we needed to restock our kitchen, and I'm still only partially unpacked. But I find myself getting a little twitchy if I'm away from this blog for too long, so I had to stop in to say hello - and Easter seemed like the perfect day to do so.

Today we cooked and ate a vegetarian version of the traditional Slovak meal my family has on Easter - I made paska and hrutka  (paska is the bread, hrutka is the cheese), Mr. made homemade egg noodles to put in a vegetable soup, and we finished everything off with a big salad. There may have been a Cadbury egg and a Peep or two thrown in there as well.

I hope you all had a restful weekend and I am, as always, wishing you lovely weeks ahead.



  1. I used to make paska, but haven't in years. I got the recipe from an old Mennonite cookbook that belongs to my mom's family when they moved from (I think) the Ukraine to Kansas. I always have library fines. I just can't seem to get those books back in time. Hope you had a great Easter.

  2. happy Easter and bummer about the library fines, the soup looks delicious!

  3. Happy Easter, sweet friend. I hear you about the library fines. We are ALWAYS paying something. I just look at it as investing in the public library system. It's all good. Miss you. xo

  4. Everything turned out wonderfully! I used almond milk for my breads this year and they puffed up like balloons! Not the best, but I'll know not to let them rise too much next time. Love that you're keeping the old tradtions in a new way....I guess that's what the Christmas song means when it says "in the new old fashioned way"!!!!!! Love you.


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