05 March 2013

-:- a wonderful visit

A few weekends ago, my parents came to see us and our new home for a few days. It was so wonderful to have them here - we've really missed them since we moved west. Unfortunately, whenever we have guests, I forget about the existence of my camera. But thankfully, this is not a trait I've inherited from my mom, so you can find plenty of additional pictures of our visit on her (new and lovely) blog.

During our visit, we went to some of our tried and true favorite places (herehere, and here), visited places that were new to most of us (here), and places that were new to all of us (herehere, and an outlet store that sold insane coats - I'm talking military surplus from countries like Russia). And although I had already been to the cathedral, my dad explained that it's an angel-centric place, which made me love it even more.

At the Hmong market, we had tea in a bright little cafe filled with greenery. We tried a couple of wonderful teas served by a really charming couple. The woman didn't speak English, but would talk to us in Chinese as if we could understand every word. We came home with several teas - one is full of edible flowers and smells a bit like rust. Thankfully it tastes better than that - and it's supposed to be very good for women.

We didn't have anything planned for Monday, so we made an impromptu trip to a used bookstore, which also happened to be next to this lovely (dangerous?) place. Button Mania 2013 quickly ensued - for us girls, anyway. So much fun - and do you see those Peter Rabbit buttons? They are the exact ones that my mom sewed on a robe she made me when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I was so happy to find them!

Louie loved his grandparents, who gave him lots of love and attention while they were here. And we loved having them. It was so much fun to show them our new home, our new cities, and our new life. We can't wait to see them again soon!



  1. Sounds like a lovely visit. Love the buttons.

  2. I'm glad you had fun with your family and buttons??? You are so so so lucky to have them. I would love to browse a button store or a button section of a store.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your parents! And as always, I love your creative ideas on here!

  4. What a lovely visit. LOVED the buttons (and the picture of you and C on your mum's blog). And I would be remiss if I didn't add that I love, love, LOVE the idea of an angel-centric place...MUST visit. :) xo

  5. I have yet to make that tea again!!!! Maybe after Easter I'll take some time to sit down for a hot cuppa!!! Glad to see these happy memories posted :) XOX


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