01 May 2013

-:- happy birthday, lou

Last week, our Lou turned one. It feels like just yesterday he was just a little puppy, eating my yarn and terrorizing the cats - and now he's all grown up, eating adult dog food...and still terrorizing the cats.

We celebrated with a new toy, some special canned food, and a new bed for upstairs sleeping.

It probably goes without saying that we adore this dog. Probably a little more than normal. We love how good he is...and how naughty he can be. When I talk to him (I totally talk to him), his ears go right up and his tilts his head back and forth like he's really listening to me - he'll do that for as long as I'm talking. And I love it. We love that he pounces and bounces wherever he goes, especially when he's excited about a treat or a walk. He's just the best and we're not sure how we got along without him.

And even after all this time, we still can't figure out how he became part rabbit - I guess some mysteries aren't meant to be solved.

Happy birthday, Louie!



  1. He is so cute!! Happy birthday Louie!

  2. Oh, Louie, you are adorable!! (Freddy---says 'happy birthday' and hope you got lots of cookies and treats)

    Freddy--resident cocker rescue and ruler of our household!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lou. I hope you were spoiled rotten (sounds as though you were). :)

  4. Happy birthday, Frodo says hi and if you truly are part rabbit he would chase you AND catch you (seriously, he catches rabbits!). We love our dog too much as well, it can't be a bad thing.

  5. You were all meant to be together : )

  6. Happy Birthday Lou! We buy the boys presents on their birthdays too. Even if it is just a chew bone.

  7. Happy birthday, Lou Lou Boo Boo!


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