20 June 2013

-:- from our kitchen lately

 -:- Artichoke Quinoa Bowl - inspired by this recipe - turned out a little soupier than I would have liked - I made this with whatever I had in the pantry/freezer rather than what the recipe called for - it was a really good, nutritious lunch solution.

-:- Vegan Biscuits by Mr. - especially wonderful when paired with his vegan gravy - or with butter and jam - or by themselves. Those layers are pretty impressive...

-:- Grilled Teese and Spinach Sandwich - I got some mozzarella teese from here and was excited to try it - the consistency was great, but I thought it could use a flavor boost - next time I'll try a cheddar substitute to see what that's like.

-:- Masoor Dal, Tofu Saag, and Baigan Aaloo from the Skinny B*tch's Ultimate Everyday Cookbook - loved her cookbook - and these kinds of feasts are hard to beat.



  1. Tess those biscuits look amazing! Can you ship some to KY??

  2. On my way to your place...it all looks so delicious!

  3. Whenever any of the other bloggers I follow post recipes, they never apply to me because of the meat (although tofu is always an option), it is so refreshing to know another vegetarian blogger!

  4. delicious, I think I would have eaten any and all of those dishes very happily! We've been vegan/vegetarian on many day and this would be an excellent choice!

  5. Yummmm. When we win the lottery, I'll pay you to be our live-in chef. You know, since you don't have any dreams or ambitions you'd like to pursue yourself.

    Also caught up on your other post (great pics!) and added that book to my to-read list!

    Love you!

  6. That sandwich is making my belly grumble! It looks so so yummy -- but it's 12 in the morning where I am so it's a bit late for lunch ^.^

    And those biscuits look like they'd be great with some strawberry jam! yum!



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