19 June 2013

-:- yarn along // the king of elfland's daughter and hexipuffs

Books and knitting, knitting and books.
(I have Marcel the Shell on my mind. Treats and snoozin. Snoozin and treats.)

I briefly mentioned our trip back East yesterday, which was wonderful. And during our many hours in the car getting there and back, Mr. and I listened to a few books including Finding Alaska (a YA book), John Grisham's the Summons, and Beautiful Boy (which we haven't quite finished).

The road trip also inspired one of my new knitting projects: the Beekeeper's Quilt. This project is so perfect for road trips - it's simple and small, which makes it completely portable. I also love that I'm using up some of my fingering weight scrap yarn - I hate seeing that go to waste. Estimated time until completion? One billion years.

Now that we're home, I'm working on reading with my eyes rather than with my ears and knitting something that is a bit larger and more complicated than my little hexipuffs.

 Lately I've been on the hunt for good adult fantasy books - a genre that is attractive to me in theory, especially since I devoured fantasy books as a kid, but not usually in reality. I have such a hard time finding good adult fantasy books that I enjoy reading. However, I recently discovered the King of Elfland's Daughter, which was written in the 1920s by Lord Dunsany. It's a beautifully written book - worth a read just for the prose. And I love the story as well. It was such a good find.

My knitting project du jour is a lighter, summery top for myself - the pattern is called Radian Yoke and I'm knitting it with a fingering weight linen blend. Since the pattern calls for sport weight yarn, I'm being especially good about swatching (how about that!) and luckily, this is one of those tops that will look good even if it's a bit too big.


(Joining Ginny at Small Things for her weekly Yarn Along.)


  1. Oh boy....that's a beautiful start!

  2. There are several people I've heard of making those little hexipuffs. They are small, but look like a lot of work!

  3. Both of your knitting projects are amazing! The quilt..wow!

  4. Love the hexipuffs! I have taken a break from them but I have quite a few scraps and knitting skeins waiting to become puffs. :)

  5. Oh your summer top project looks wonderful! Yes, we are headed to Scotland later this summer, returning after 8 years for a visit thanks to a grant we received. What an amazing place to honeymoon!

  6. that yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the top when it's all finished!!

  7. that summer top is going to be gorgeous!!!

    I just couldn't get into hexis.....opted for the mitered blanket for fingering leftovers....and mine should be finished in about a billion years, too! (it's my third, though, so maybe it will only take a million or so!)

  8. What will you do with the hexipuffs? I have never seen those before? Your new project is a gorgeous color!


  9. Hexipuff blanket, how ambitious! It does sound like the perfect travel project. I used to love YA fantasy, I can definitely recommend the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, both of which have been recently made into terrible movies but are fantastic books. If you are really serious you could try the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.


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