18 June 2013

-:- why, hello

Our spring has come and (almost) gone, leaving us looking right at summer. We just returned from a wonderful visit back East to warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Our garden is planted, our tummies are craving fresh fruits and veggies, and our heavy winter comforters have been tucked away.

And this spring, while short, has been so full of lovely things.
We discovered pink blooms on our tree in the front yard, lily of the valley covering one side of our house (my all-time favorite flower), and a lilac bush. We have been hosting and visiting, collecting wonderful memories all along the way. Drop Dead Fred is available on Netflix. And tomorrow, Mr. starts a new chapter in his career as a geologist - instead of as a teacher.

Spring sure took its time getting here, but it was worth the wait. And I can't wait to see what summer has in store for us.



  1. nice to see you and glad you are enjoying the spring that is almost gone. I hope you have lovely weather for the summer!

  2. Sounds busy, but full of goodness. Such lovely discoveries. Enjoy your summer!

  3. Beautiful pictures and sounds like you've had a good spring. I miss your posts and I'm glad to see a post from you :)

  4. Beautiful photos...missing you already!! xoxo

  5. It was great having you guys here, now Holly, Wes, and Weas are crying for Lou...LOL!


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