15 July 2013

-:- weekending

This weekend was all about gorillas, botanical gardens, vegan Chinese food from one of my favorite places, and the best instant ramen I've ever had. Lemongrass ginger flavored ramen - with no MSG (or other bad ingredients) and way less sodium than usual. So amazing.

I also went to yoga, cleaned up the house, started a new knitting project, and took a long nap - all while Mr. worked hard on the shores of South Carolina. This past week he has been in the field for the first time as a geologist, which meant I was flying solo this weekend.

Usually when I'm on my own, my tendency is to hunker down and not go anywhere unless I have to. I can knit, read, and cook for hours on end and be perfectly happy. But I've started to realize that I'm a bit happier if I balance some of that pure, unadulterated alone time with some time being out in the world, experiencing things. Finding new ramen. Chatting with my sister in a Japanese garden. Saying hello to some pretty wonderful primates. So that's what I did.

Balance is a beautiful thing. I'm so grateful that I found it this weekend.



  1. Wow, sounds like a great weekend. Balance is good, eh?

  2. I love that it sounds like I was right there with you! Glad you are getting out to enjoy your alone time in the cities...they are a special place with special things just for you. =)

  3. Your photos are beautiful and it sounds like you did strike that balance. I'm intrigued about the ramen, I want to look for some too. I love ramen.

  4. I'm amazed you found that ramen! I love how you found your balance-my daughter is like you in that she loves to be alone yet is happier when she goes out and interacts with the world. Lovely photos-especially the gorilla!

  5. i grew up as an only child, so I, too can entertain myself happily for days.....but you are so right.....balance is good and we all need people (and primates!!---those gorilla pictures are GREAT!!!!). New knitting project?! can't wait to see~!!

  6. I love my alone time and sadly I haven't had much of it lately. I need to go back to work to get that! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend flying solo!


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