26 August 2013

-:- cotton and wool

I've taken a break from some of the larger projects I've been working on to make some comfort knits - here, here, and here - and to help a fellow Raveler in New Zealand who put out a request for some washcloths. Her daughter's school is raising money for a greenhouse and the washcloths will be paired with soaps and sold at a fundraiser.

I've officially decided to hibernate my Radian Yoke project - I plan on picking it up again in February or March so it'll be ready for next summer. And after I've made a few more washcloths, I'll finish that Stockholm cowl (which has been waiting patiently for me for a couple of weeks) before moving on to some larger projects and some gifts. Can't wait.



  1. beautiful knits and I love your taste in colors :)

  2. Hello sweet friend. We need a catch up soon. I love the knits... especially that grey hat. Lovely. Looking forward to chatting. xoxo

    1. We totally do! I hope your summer has been wonderful! xo

  3. How wonderful that you've helped a fellow Raveler out and donated your time and effort to help out the school.

  4. Your beauty bubbles over in everything you do....that May project is going to be amazing ; ) !!!


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