28 August 2013

-:- list update

It's that time of year again - time to eat cake, indulge in pretty things, and make another list of things to do in the upcoming year. When I look back on my list from last year, it feels like I left a lot unaccomplished...I still ask Mr. to drive whenever there's a chance we'll have to parallel park on a busy street. I'm not fluent in ASL and our kitchen and bathroom are in the same state they've always been in.

But I've accomplished so much more this year than was outlined in my little list. I'm still doing yoga 4-5 times a week at my studio. Starting that habit was so major for me - if that's the only thing I had accomplished all year, I'd still be pleased. I also managed to pay off one of my student loans and quit coffee. And in place of the two bigger renovations, we've completed many little projects around the house that have made big impacts around here.

This year, I have a bit more perspective on what my life out west is all about. And with that perspective comes a new, updated list of things to do before I turn 30.
(say what?!)

Here's to making my last year in this decade of my life something really special.



  1. Looks like a great list! I remember 29, it was a good year. Enjoy every moment!

  2. You quit coffee??? You have a lot more will power than me :)

  3. Well I think you can do all of the things on your list. You gave up coffee?? you are my hero, I still need it :)

  4. Great list but even better is that cake! Yum what flavour is it? Looks amazing XO

  5. What gorgeous photos! I'm all for making lists and setting goals. Way to go!

  6. That cake looks beautiful! I've also been thinking about setting some goals for myself, both short and long term!

  7. You are so subtle...Happy Birthday! Love you : )


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