30 August 2013

-:- what to do with a million tomatoes...and counting

Make a million tomato, onion, and mayo sandwiches on fresh bread from the Farmer's Market. Instead of pairing your sandwich with chips or fries, pair it with more tomatoes. Even after one million of these sandwiches, nobody around here is complaining!

variation 1 -:- yellow tomato on 10 grain bread.
variation 2 -:- red tomato on rosemary bread.



  1. My late grandfather LOVED tomatoes and this post reminded me of him :)

  2. I wish my tomatoes were coming on like that. They are just slow. Are you going to make tomato sauce or salsa and can it for this winter?

  3. YUM!! We got some fake bacon we want to try on BLTs, but these look delicious!

  4. We have teeny tomatoes overflowing!! Glad I am not alone :)

  5. MMMMM I LOVE white bread with tomatoes! Have fun. I've been the recipient of my neighbor's good growing skills this year!


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