11 September 2012

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When we lived back east, Mr. and I went an entire year without buying anything new (no new clothes, household items, etc). Anything that we purchased could only be secondhand or handmade, with obvious exceptions (i.e. underwear). During this time, we relied heavily on a huge thrift store called Unique.

There were several locations in our area, so it is definitely a chain, and we just had such luck finding what we were looking for at that place. I had a lot of "ask and ye shall receive" moments there.

Anyway, last weekend, while we were out running errands, we ran into another Unique thrift store.  Was it the same? Could we be so lucky?

We decided we had to go check it out and sure enough, it was the exact same set up as the ones we frequented back east. Same rewards card, same price tags stapled to all of the clothes, same everything. We were thrilled.

I was especially thrilled because this supports #10 on my list of things to do - no new clothes for a year. So now, even if I never succeed in making my own clothes, I at least know that I can find Banana Republic Italian cashmere cardigans in perfect condition for, um, $2.99! What?!

Man. Who needs full price, anyway?



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