10 September 2012

-:- the start of apple season

Over Labor Day weekend, Mr. and I went apple picking.
It might have been slightly premature, but what can I say?
We love autumn. And we want it to be all the way here. Right now.

We didn't pick too many, partly because only two varieties were ready to be picked.
And partly because we knew we'd be apple picking again before the season is over.

It was fun to get out in the country a bit, though - it was so pretty. The fresh apple donuts and cider really helped everything feel more like fall, too.

Since then, we've been working on preserving these apples for the long winter ahead -
I canned a batch of applesauce and Mr. dehydrated the rest with his food preservation class.

My canning experience wasn't quite as smooth as it has been in the past - when I took my jars out of their water bath, they oozed applesauce. The jars sealed just fine and I think they'll be okay, but I'm still doing some research to be sure.

Worst case scenario? We have to eat it all up.



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