11 March 2013

-:- hyacinths

One of my favorite things about this time of year is enjoying the blooms from my forced bulbs - they always get me through the last few weeks of winter when I feel like I'll go nuts unless I immediately get to dig in some dirt. And although these lovelies are already gone, I have an embarrassing number of photographs to remember them by.

This was my first time forcing hyacinths in soil and it was just as easy as forcing them in water. I was a little unsure about how much water to give them, how many to plant in a pot, and whether their roots would be okay, but everything worked out beautifully.

I loved having so many of them bloom at the same time - and they seemed to grow so quickly once they got going. It made me wonder how I couldn't see them actively growing - it was like they stopped as soon as they felt my eyes on them and then started again as soon as I looked away. Cheeky hyacinths.



  1. These hyacinths are beautiful!! This really gets me in the mood for spring :)

  2. So pretty! I should try that sometime. I always want flowers around this time of year too :)

  3. And now you cheered me immensely! thank you for sharing the spring-ness.

  4. One of my favorite flowers. I have some randomly placed in the strip garden in the front of the house. When they are blooming I will always get down on my hands and knees to smell them!

  5. mine have faded, too---but, spring is close!!! i always force just a few----they were my mom's favorite flower.

  6. Pretty purple people pleasers....or P to the power of 4....teehee! So glad I got to see a my grandbulbs in person
    : ).


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