27 February 2013

-:- yarn along // insurgent and a tale of two gifts

I am making good progress on the gift I previously mentioned - and while I can't talk much about that gift, I can talk freely about another one I'm about to start. As soon as my extra-long circulars arrive in the mail, I am going to begin on a pair of Christmas socks for my brother.

These socks have been years in the making. Seriously. I think it was three Christmases ago that I decided to knit a pair of socks for everyone in my family. I picked out yarn and patterns - and on Christmas day, everyone received...one sock. And while I did finish a sock for my brother in time for the holiday, it was ill-fitting and I knew it wasn't the right pattern for him. 

For a long while, I rebelled against sock knitting. But in spite of that rebellion, most of the sock mates were eventually finished over the months and years following that foolhardy Christmas  - except my brother's.

Now I'm happy to report that my relationship with sock knitting is in a much better place and I'm ready to begin again. So I picked out a new pattern for my dear brother, shopped for some wonderful new yarn, and plan on casting on this week. I'm also going to try knitting two socks together using the magic loop method - any advice is welcome! I'm a little nervous, but think it'll be worth any anxiety in the long run - imagine finishing a pair of identical socks at the exact same time! Delightful.

Book-wise, I have started reading Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent, and am enjoying it so far, though I'm not terribly far along. I've also been reading several good cookbooks from the library - I read the Kind Diet a few years ago as a meat eater and really enjoyed it. And I'm enjoying it again, this time with a different perspective. I'm also a huge fan of the Homemade Pantry - the photographs are gorgeous and the recipes are for things that we usually buy already-made from the store. Like ketchup, graham crackers, and tortillas. So good.

Happy knitting!


(Joining Ginny at Small Things for her weekly Yarn Along.)


  1. Divergent is on my list. I have The Homemade Pantry (I think I found out about it on a Yarn Along) and I love it!
    Also, that bowl up in the first photo is the sweetest.

  2. I am loving the shades of green in that yarn. Your brother is very lucky.

    I've knit sock magic loop style, but never two at a time. Wish I could help, but I will say good luck to you.

  3. For some reason socks and me are just not friends..I am not sure if it because you have to knit two, or if it is small needles. I can't wait to see the pair that you make:)

    I love cookbooks too!!!

  4. Ooh! Knitting socks scares me! Double pointed needles and I don't get along very well.

  5. really anxious to hear how the two socks knit at the same time on circulars goes.....never tried this (old dog---don't do new tricks well) but I'll often start both socks on 2 sets of dps and have one sock in one room---the other in another and work on whatever I'm closest to. This has worked pretty well in overcoming the second sock syndrome. Love the yarn bowl!!!!

  6. I'm impressed that you stuck with it! Good for you.

  7. The green yarn looks gorgeous. Love the Kind Diet and Homemade Pantry is on my list, must take a look at the library for it.

  8. Such pretty yarn. I have yet to knit my brothers socks. They have really big feet, so I am hesitant to tackle such a project! Two at a time isn't a big deal. I actually prefer knitting two at a time on two circulars over magic loop. Either way having a pair of socks done at once is fantastic.

  9. Divergent is floating around my house on someone's nightstand. I want to knit more socks, but having trouble getting it started again. Took a class and made 2 pair, but just didn't really like my heels, so I'm stalling...with a good supply of sock yarn waiting :o)

    Great yarn bowl! I'm too mobile right now and do a lot of toting of my projects, but some day, the bowl will be an awesome addition to my knitting nest

  10. love that you are revisiting the socks :) he will love them, I'm sure. More secret knitting? I want to know!! the kind diet sounds interesting, I'm going to have to do a flip through when I see it, thanks!

  11. I've tried knitting socks two at a time, and it worked okay. I'm not a fan of circular needles though, so whenever I do socks I always use DPNs.

  12. What a gorgeous green yarn. I have just mastered the magic loop method for a wurm hat, but have never made socks, let alone a pair in one go! I am impressed.


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